Review: Chaos’ “She is Coming”

Requested by Tess!
Chaos is one of the latest boy bands to debut Korea, having their debut stage and releasing their first single yesterday. They are also one of the first (of what is likely to be many) groups that have debuted in 2012.

The first track on the single is Last Night which is quite a mellow pop ballad. I’ll first start of by saying that I’m amused by the English at the start as “last night” sounds like “rasta night”. But regardless, this is a very lovely song that shows their voices off really well. Having some harmonising parts really adds more depth to the sound of the song. I’m normally not very keen on rapping within ballads but the rap sections fit in nicely with this song. In general, the song is easy to listen to and is a ballad that isn’t too downheartening. I’d like to hear this live at least once.

그녀가 온다 (She is Coming) is the title track that they are currently promoting and is a song that is a lot more upbeat than the previous. It uses a variety of ‘real’ instruments for the most part; including the guitar, drums and some brass. This is combined with a few synth sounds which to me, creates a strong and mature pop sound for the song, rather than relying entirely on synth. All of the members have consistantly strong vocal lines throughout and they really belt out certain notes when needed with ease. The song is incredibly catchy is likely to be on repeat and/or stuck in your head for a while. A great debut song.

I keep saying to myself that I don’t want to “stan” anymore artists so I ignored this group when I saw people talking about them. But out of curiosity I watched their live performance and realised how good they were and now I’ve decided that I’m going to keep an eye on them. A group that has the whole package with all of them having good looks (mature looking yet cute), good voices and of course, good songs! I think they have a lot of potential to be a really great and successful group provided people give them the chance. Definitely recommended.


3 responses to “Review: Chaos’ “She is Coming”

  1. Their live performances remind me of those done on music audition program contestant stages. I can’t really say if that’s a good or bad thing lol They sound pretty good from the one performance I saw, and appear to be enjoying the stage which is always a plus. I can’t say I love their title track though…

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