Beautiful + Acoustic = Beautistic

Posts haven’t been very regular lately as I’m busy with coursework, apologies! But here’s a group I think you guys may like. I have a quiet love for Korean indie music, the style differs from the typical indie music from where I live and it usually makes me want to go and sit and have coffee in a coffee shop. Beautistic is a group I lately stumbled upon through an online naver cafe for a nightlcub (namely, Club Auter) and I thought I would check them out. I did so and fell in love with them.

The group consists of vocalists Kim Jejoong, Park Hyunjong (who is also the percussionist, though some of the members can be seen playing other percussion instruments too), Lee Dawon, Nam Yoonjin and guitarist Yeonsuk. Their sound is focused on vocal harmonies, guitar and a range of percussion and it makes for a really lovely sound.

Check out some videos below, I ripped some audio from some I found on nate as well, the files can be found here.


2 responses to “Beautiful + Acoustic = Beautistic

  1. I never posted because english is not my maternal language. But I love your blog ! Because of you, I know more korean groups indies. Thank you very much !
    I love them, how do you do to know them ? Do you live in korea ?

    • Oh don’t worry, your english seems more than fine to me ^^
      and it’s no problem at all, I’m glad I can help!
      Oh no no! I don’t live in Korea! ^^ I found out about them through an online cafe/forum. A post was made about a band I already like and it had mentioned this group so I decided to check them out and I really like them ^^

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