Review: K.Will’s “I Hate Myself”

K.Will definitely gets the title of my favourite vocalist of all time. With a stunning, powerful voice and beautiful songs, it makes it really easy for me to like him. So when I had found out he released a new single I jumped for joy and couldn’t wait to listen to it. That single comes in the form of 내가 싫다 (I Hate Myself).

Because this is a one track single I am going to include the song so you can listen to the song as you read if you wish.

The song starts off very soft with a piano accompanying K.Will singing some gentle vocal notes. The song builds a bit more depth as the strings and drums join the piano and you can feel the vocal power build up as the song goes on until the final chorus when K.Will belts out some very, very powerful notes.

The song is a very emotional song that K.Will’s voice combined with the instrumental showcases very well. He sounds wonderful when he’s singing soft notes and you can hear how easily he hits those higher, stronger notes. For me, this is a strong ballad, as I have found you can get some duller ballads that don’t really show much emotion in them regardless if the singer is hitting the notes or not. But this is definitely a ballad that I think, provided you have some space in your heart for ballads, people will appreciate as it has all of the good elements I look for in a “good” ballad song.

My favourite part of the song is probably that final power chorus just because of the sheer amount of power and emotion showcased in those lines and they always bring a slight tear to my eyes when I listen to it.

I’m never disappointed by his releases and fans of K.Will will should love this song to pieces and hopefully there are others who might come across him through this song that will learn to like him. It might not be as catchy as “My Heart Is Beating” but it’s a wonderful track in itself.


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