Review: Miryo’s “MIRYO AKA JOHONEY”

Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper Miryo has finally released her solo mini album! I have a love for all of the members of the group but I have a particular love for Miryo’s rapping style so I was really excited when I heard that she would be the next member with a solo release. The mini album “MIRYO AKA JOHONEY” contains 5 tracks, 4 of which have other artists as features.

The first track is Party Rock which features Garie from Korean hip-hop group Leessang and Korean indie/garage group THE KOXX. The song has quite a strong pop/dance feel to it with some elements of what I would probably class as 16bit music in parts. The song definitely has a summer time party feel to it and I’m sure this will be added to some people’s playlists during this time. The song is catchy and all of the elements go well together in this song. I would put it as one of my favourites for the moment and I think it will surely be one of my songs for summer as said previously.

The second track is DIRTY, a song performed solely by Miryo (ie. no set featured artist). This song has a general early 90s (perhaps British) pop feel to it in the overall sound. A song with a great set of rapping parts combined with some nice vocal melodies that suit her voice really nicely. The title would suggest a much more darker/dirtier sound than the clean, upbeat yet sad tone that the song has combined with the lyrics. This song took one or two listens for me to enjoy it properly but I really appreciate it the more I’ve listened to it.

사랑해 사랑해 (I Love You I Love You) which features Sunny from Girls’ Generation. This song comes in the form of a ballad with a slight pop/r&b feel to it. I really love the piano part of the song, it’s got it’s own melody going on but isn’t so intricate that it takes away from what is going on in the vocals. Because it’s a ballad, I feel it could have done with a little less of the vocal effects on the Miryo’s voice (which is actually a general complaint about this mini actually). I know a lot of people have focused on Sunny on this song but it’s with good reason. She is using her lower vocal range (compared to her higher, “aegyo” range in SNSD’s songs) and she sounds wonderful in it. The two voices sound really good together even though this would seem like a really odd collaboration. Definitely my favourite song on the mini (my weak spot for ballads shows).

The next track is Revenger which features male duo Rude Paper. I know a lot of people adore this song, but I have a lot of mixed yet mostly negative feelings about it. The piano is a part of the song that I really enjoy and for the most parts I enjoy the basis of the vocal parts. However, the song has too many vocal effects, not only on Miryo but the feature as well, in it for my personal liking (I’m more and more picky as days go by). The fact that the song is based primiarly on dubstep it puts me off as well as my liking for dubstep has declined a lot lately. For the most part I do like the instrumental and some of the beat sections in the dubstep but I’m very mixed with song too. However, this kind of “strong” style was the type of style I was expecting from her solo stuff.

The last song on the mini is Leggo featuring her band mate Narsha. This another poppy song on the mini and for the most part I really enjoy the overall feel of the song. Narsha sounds lovely on the track and I like Miryo’s rapping sections bar the effects. I would probably list this as one of my favourites just for the sound of it in general and I think it sounds nice in parts but it’s not a perfect song to me.

I do like this mini album and I have listened through it a few times and enjoy doing so. I guess I had slightly higher expectations and therefore I am disappointed in it. I was at least hoping it would be a bit more hip hop influenced. And like I said during my comments for I Love You x2, I would have preferred if the vocal effects were kept to a minimum as Miryo sounds awesome without them. For some songs the effects make for a nice addition to the feel but overall, it can be a bit distracting and off putting. If I was to rate this out of 5 I would say 3/5.


2 responses to “Review: Miryo’s “MIRYO AKA JOHONEY”

  1. Your point of view is very interesting. I don’t like all the tracklist of this mini album.

    I love Dirty ! I think Miryo without featuring gives more emotions. It’s my favorite song of this mini album. Party rock is just like you said “a song of summer 2012” !

    The song with Sunny is not a song that I love but is not a bad song. Like you said, I like how Sunny sings. But I hoped other of the Miryo’s parts.

    The last song “Leggo”, i think the sounds hurt my ears. I thought I would change my point of view when I see her performance in live, but i don’t like more.

  2. I’m with you. “Party Rock” is addicting and my favorite song on the album and “Dirty” it took me a couple of listens to appreciate it. Well… actually for “Dirty” it was probably the music video that helped me to focus on the lyrics more.

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