Dia to travel to Japan on the 15th for Japanese promotions

Having made her comeback last month, Dia started to gain a lot of attention with her single “Love Step”. She was credited for the youthful nature she brought to the stage with the simple dance routine that went along with the single. It has also been noted that her popularity is beginning to increase through these promotions. However, she managed to get herself stuck in a controversy regarding similarities to IU and some of her promotional tracks. PD Blue, one of the producers who worked on the song took responsibility and apologised for such similarities.

It was recently announced that PD Blue was looking to “employ” someone to help with Dia’s promotions (assuming to sing with her) while she was in Japan. In one of the latest news articles about Dia, it has now said she will be travelling on the 15th to Japan to start some fully fledged promotions. So surely this is something we can look forward to and hopefully she gets a lot more stage time. It will also be interesting to hear what songs she will be releasing.


4 responses to “Dia to travel to Japan on the 15th for Japanese promotions

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  2. oh wow really, that is super awesome!! i wish her the best of luck in Japan. in a way, i feel like that Dia will receive a lot of lover oversea. D; but i still glad that to know that her popularity is rising, and even though she’s being compared to IU, at least it’s attention, although not good one, but i’m sure she’ll rise over it. thank you so much for sharing!

    • Yeah, I feel she might be suited well to Japan’s market because although she’s nearly 20, she still looks very young and can pull of a light concept and I’m looking forward to seeing what she releases there and who is collaborating with her there. And definitely! I’ve found some people had seen her being compared and decided to check her out and liked her while some IU fans are not too happy on the other hand. But regardless, should hopefully be good and hopefully she’ll get the recognition she deserves on her travels!

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