Former Click-B member Evan to release new mini album on the 14th

The 14th of February seems to be a popular date for solo male comebacks as it is known that K.Will, Yoonhan and Evan will all be releasing new music this day. Evan, who is a former member of the male group Click-B has already had a number of releases since decided to start a solo career.

The mini album titled 기억하지 않으려 한다 (Don’t Want To Be Remembered(?)) is said to have a very mature, lyrical, emotional, classical and bohemian feel to it with the songs being mastered by Kenji Matsunaga from Warner Music Japan. Hopefully it lives up to the expectations of fans and fits that above description. Here is the tracklist.

1. 그대가…
2. 그대가 없다고 해서.. 갑자기 내가 슬퍼지는 것은 아니다..
3. 기억하지 않으려 한다.
4. …. (currently unnamed/not revealed?)
5. …. (currently unnamed/not revealed?)
6. 기억하지 않으려 한다. (추억이 되지 못한 기억.)

PS. I translated the posts very loosely, I will try to make out something fuller at a later point.


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