[250212] Fancams of A-ble @ Lotte World

This is going to be a relatively short post today and I apologise for the lack of posting again. But today I’m just going to quickly share two fancams from A-ble’s performance at Lotte World. Both of these songs came from the A-ble’s Impact mini album which was released last year.

While they are two very strong performances, I was quite sad that we didn’t get to see the new members perform but I guess that will be coming in the near future. Hope you enjoy these lovely performances!


2 responses to “[250212] Fancams of A-ble @ Lotte World

  1. aww, even though the other members weren’t there to perform with them, the other two members did a great job!! love that they got a lot of cheers going on for them. ;D although i haven’t really been keeping up to date, but i’m glad that your blog will help me with that. =] thanks!!

  2. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    ohhh yay for fancams!! i wonder what i would do without them to help me listen and watch something that i can’t do myself. XD anyways~ the other 3 members weren’t here, but the other two members did a fantastic job of putting on a great performance!! i hope they keep on promoting and i love that i hear all these wonderful cheers going on. =]

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