Female group Pandora release debut single “Open Pandora’s Box”


Pandora is one of Korea’s latest girl groups and is signed under TS Family Entertainment. The group consists of five members Karyn, Bowon, Miri, Jinyu and Sua and on the 6th of March they released their first single “Open Pandora’s Box”. The single consists of two tracks, the title track Shupa Shupa and Bad Boy.

There is not much else known about the members and the group at the moment, however, take a listen to the songs below and let me know what you think!


7 responses to “Female group Pandora release debut single “Open Pandora’s Box”

  1. I like Bad Boy, but not enough to stan the group or anything. I’ll let others know of the songs so maybe they can gain some fans n____n
    Also: I love the Nine Goddesses banner~~~

    • Yeah I personally think Bad Boy is superior over Shupa Shupa and perhaps if we get more songs and maybe a music video/some live performances I’ll consider them but I’ll just have to wait for that to happen!
      And thank you very much :33

  2. i really like bad boy. i’m hoping they’ll release an mv soon. i tried to do a search on these girls but nothing came up! );

    Btw, do you know if TS Family Entertainment is like a branch off of TS Entertainment or are they two different companies, just coincidentally with similar names?

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