Review: Nine Muses’ “Sweet Rendezvous”

Had a slight problem as I had written nearly all of this review previously but my laptop unfortunately broke so I lost my draft file. Regardless, I’ll just redo it all again. Nine Muses recently came back with the single News, which introduced their newest member Kyungri and amounted to an 8 member unit. Not too long after such they are back with their first mini album Sweet Rendezvous and are currently promoting the single Ticket. The mini album contains a total of 4 songs and 2 instrumentals, 2 of the songs being new.

The first tracks on the mini is Who R U. The song is very typical to the style that Sweetune to has given them and it has a generally appealing sound. The vocal melodies are pleasant to listen to and there are several catchy hooks throughout. While being retro, the song seems to have that sort of spy/elevator music feel to it that I quite enjoy. However, I do not feel this is as strong as their previously released songs. There are some really excellent parts in it and I can easily listen through it but I wouldn’t pick it as a favourite song.

The second track is their title track Ticket. Making use of quite an interesting sounding synth with (seemingly) some filters on it, the instrumental begins off quite unique, this little riff is used in breaks in the song as well. The song however, is based around drums/the beat, some synth and there is also an amount of focus on distorted guitars using various playing techniques (which gives a slight rock feel to it). The song is very strong; the verses are enjoyable; the rap sections are fierce and the chorus is one of the catchiest they’ve had so far. The particular highlight of this song for me is near the end when the song starts to climax and Hyuna and Sera come in with some very lovely high ad libs. A definite recommendation and the dance routine of this song is a pretty great workout for your arms as well! This is already up there in my list of favourite Nine Muses songs.

News is the third track on the mini album, which the girls started promoting in January before they released this mini album. The song, like Ticket, has an interesting rock edge to the sound while still maintaining that retro disco sound which is something I really enjoy. The song is powerful in terms of all of the lines being quite strong and they flow nicely with the acccompaning melody. Again, the rap sections are fantastic and work in really nicely with the song. I find it difficult to make some comments on this song since I have heard it so many times that there’s not much I can think off at the top of my head, but regardless, it’s a very strong song that I would highly recommend.

The last of the song is Figaro, which was released last year when the group became a 7 member group. This song definitely has the strongest “disco” feel to it. Like all of their songs, it is catchy and there are a lot of interesting vocal hooks that you’ll surely be singing along to. The song is quite synth and brass focused which I really like. Like News, I have listened to this song so many times that new comments are difficult to find but regardless, I would definitely recommend this song if you haven’t heard it already because it is definitely one of Nine Muses’ best songs.

Apologies for the lack of posts and the fact that this review is quite basic. But this is a fantastic mini that I really enjoy in general and I hope that the girls keep working with Sweetune because although Sweetune have a very recognisable style, they have managed to get a style that works specifically with these girls and has given them a great boost to their discography. I would have liked more new songs in this mini but regardless of that, it is a very good release and I would recommend it to anyone who is perhaps wanting to get into Nine Muses or wants to listen to a girl group with an interesting take on the retro disco music style


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