[Announcement] Hiatus

Recently, I have not had any/much access to a computer so therefore I have not been making any posts. As of now I have a little bit more access to computers but this does not mean I am going to be posting.

If you have been paying attention lately, there is a particular situation happening with the company of two of my favourite groups. My mind has been on nothing but this and I have not been able to keep up with anything else music related at the moment. Because of this, I am on a hiatus until this comes to a close, this may extend based on the outcome.

Apologies for those who will be here looking for updates and such about old and new artists but I really feel I can’t post here for the moment.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon.


One response to “[Announcement] Hiatus

  1. awww. T.T um… i don’t really know what is happening.. i haven’t really paid much attention to looking at other non-music-songs related articles. i hope things clear up though..

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