General Update: Maydoni

I get the odd referral from forums and such with people asking what she is up to and since I haven’t made a post about her since January i felt I should probably try and update you guys as best as I can.

I can’t remember a specific time when it happened, I think it was sometime after the film White was released. But, I noticed on Maydoni’s online profiles, she no longer had Neganetwork as her company. So there ware a good few months of her having no company. However, on the 20th of March this year, her company section was updated (with the confirmation being from the company). She is now signed under J2Star Entertainment which holds the likes of Rumble Fish.

What spurred me to write this little post up was a post Maydoni made yesterday. As I couldn’t translate it fully I will give a quick jist of what she was saying. She said something along the lines of not wanting to let “Maydoni” be forgotten and that there will still be some time to wait but she will give fans something worth waiting for. So I guess in the near future we can see something from her.

I will try and keep this blog a little more updated as time goes on, seeing as I can see so many people are still so interested in her and no one really updates about her I will try my best to let you guys know what she is up to.


2 responses to “General Update: Maydoni

  1. omg, thank you so much for this! i’ve been wondering what had happened to her, but i’m glad she’s under another entertainment again, and hopefully make a comeback soon and show us a new side of her. i would go around doing this myself… but i lack the knowledge of how to do so… and not knowing Korean either. -___- but thanks a lot. =]

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