Son Seungyeon’s “The Ugly Duckling”

I gained a mild interest in The Voice of Korea after seeing that former Xing member Sungsoo had been a participant on the show. Since then I watched a  small number of performances as time went on. Out of all of the contestants, I always had a liking for Son Seungyeon’s voice and I wish I had watched the show a lot more closely as I feel I have missed out on a lot. So I think my plan is to now go back and watch the whole show in full if I can.

So, recently I got round to checking out the final performances after hearing Seungyeon had won the show. She performed two songs, The Ugly Duckiling and Yoon Bokhee’s It’s You. The Ugly Duckling is a original song composed by Hayden Belle with the lyrics being written by Seungyeon herself. She has explained that the song describes herself and her story with music. Her mentor, Shin Seunghoon had said he wanted to show that she is in fact a swan and not an ugly duckling. It’s a very heartfelt song and her vocals are astounding, the high notes in the chorus really hit you with a lot of power. I have been listening to this song for days now and I can’t see myself getting bored of it anytime soon.

I really hope for her to have a successful music career and I eagerly anticipate future releases from her.


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