BB.Boys to come back as a 6 member group?

Recently, the members of BB.Boys had been posting a number of photos with some other people we didn’t really know. However, we knew they had a friendship with Hyunjun which was assumed due to them having a small acting stint with him. Lately, fans started becoming suspicious that there might be new members added to the group. My suspicions first came about when member Taehee started posting photos in his “BB.Boys” folder on cyworld of himself and people who weren’t in BB.Boys. Yesterday, the members of BB.Boys started posting photoshoot photos with 6 people and it seems likely there may indeed be a line up change.

My friend Timo has already lurked out the two additional people in these photos (other than Hyunjun who can be seen on the far left in the back row). On the far right of the same row is JY/Jinyoung while in front of him is Jeongha. Following these photos, I tried to find out if there was any more official information about a line up change and while I didn’t found out much I found out a small piece of information. BB.Boys had debuted under Gilstar Entertainment, which as you may want to assume, is a pretty unknown and unpopulated company. However, I discovered that in February, they were signed to RS Entertainment which houses an actor and a female solo vocalist. This suggests that being under a new company, they may have had another marketing tactic to Gilstar and intended on making them a larger group.

What kind of music they will release is uncertain but I hope it is similar to the style that they had released as the previous three. For some more information check out Timo’s post about the new members and I will keep you updated on any more information regarding this.


10 responses to “BB.Boys to come back as a 6 member group?

  1. I’m really looking forward for their comeback since they are my favorite .. I also think that they will have changes in their comeback .. hope they wil have a comeback soon with 6 members ..
    and I hope that they will not change the name “BB. Boys” because it is a good name since they have a new company ..

    • Yeah hopefully the 6 member line up is true because it would fill the groups vocals up even more which would be nice. I think they’re keeping the name BB.Boys as Jino tweeted photos from the photoshoot saying “BB.Boys Jino” ^^

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  3. omg, i didn’t know until now… but adding new members is fine with me, as long as none of them gets replaced or leaves. anyways, dunno about the other 3 members, but i can’t wait to hear how they sound, because BB.Boys when they were a trio sounded amazing to me. so i can’t wait. also have a feeling that their musical might change a bit, but hopefully the vocals stay the same and no autotune is used. anyways, thanks for this. =]

  4. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    i wouldn’t mind the 3 new members. =] as long as the other three aren’t getting replaced or leaving. totally can’t wait!! and find out more info on the 3 members too. =]

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