A-ble’s Juho introduces group’s new maknae, Jiyeoul + line up change

Earlier this year I posted about the possibility of A-ble coming back as a 5 member group, however since I had made this post only the original two members could be seen in activity. The members had been seen posting a few photos in the recording studio and had also recently mentioned that A-ble will be releasing a mini album soon.

Today however, Juho posted a photo on his cyworld title “Maknae Jiyeoul and I!” and captioned “With our maknae!” (Juho is on the left while Jiyeoul is on the right). This has been one of the few and recent happenings which has shown the new members. Juho also shared this photo on his facebook yesterday of the two of them together in what might be the recording studio.

While it had seemed apparent the group was now going to be a 5 member group, a search on naver has now told me that the group is now a 4 member group rather than a 5 member group. With naver having the history stating “Member Taeho Withdrawal” but he can still be seen showing support for them. So as it stands, the line up consists of leader Juho, Chulwoong, Sungmin and maknae Jiyeoul. With the amount of work they have been doing recently it seems apparent that their comeback is going to be fairly soon.

Here is a little more info on Jiyeoul! His full name is Lee Jiyeoul, he was born on the 30th of June 1992, attended Imae High School and graduated last year. Based on his likes on facebook he appears to be a fan of X Japan, Dynamic Duo, Yoon Mirae (Tasha) and Leessang. This partially suggests to me that he may be an addition to the group as a rapper.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I can with their happenings!


4 responses to “A-ble’s Juho introduces group’s new maknae, Jiyeoul + line up change

  1. still need to memorize names and faces. -___-
    but hopefully Taeho is happy doing whatever he wants to do.
    and i can’t wait for their comeback. thanks for this. =]

  2. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    can’t wait for their comeback as well!! and it seems they will be coming back as a 4-membered group, and not 5-membered, but i hope Taeho is going to do whatever it is he would like to do now and all the best to him~

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