Chunglim: He’s not disappeared just yet

Chunglim is, I guess, one of the more “known” nugu singers with a lot of people asking to this day where he just disappeared to. Well, I recently started to make assumptions that he had decided to go and do military service or something. However, I came across something today that confirmed to me that he’s hasn’t disappeared!

I came across the cyworld account of a highly dedication Chunglim fan who has been posting his most recent photos onto their minihompy. They also revealed that Chunglim will be acting as a barista in the upcoming Chinese (Korean co-produced) drama “Queen of Coffee”. The drama is said to air sometime next month. If I have any chinese readers that may know something more about this drama then please let me know!

It is unknown when and if he is going to release more music but I hope after he finished with this drama that he does make a return.


2 responses to “Chunglim: He’s not disappeared just yet

  1. omgomgomg… he hasn’t disappeared!!!
    i hope the acting route goes well for him.
    curious if he’ll be speaking any lines in Mandarin~
    it seems his face has slimmed down a bit… but he still has them guns though.
    anyways, thank you so much for this!! =]

  2. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    i’m so happy that he hasn’t disappeared!!
    curious about this drama though.
    i may watch it, hopefully it has a good plot, and doesn’t lag…
    but knowing the Korean & Mainland dramas… they do lag with unnecessary plots and… it gets boring.
    anyways, i hope he does well and wish him the best of luck!!

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