Shin Goeun for BNT news

Shin Goeun recently took part in a short interview with BNT News in which she discussed her music and aspired acting career. She dreams to be a musical actor, and while this has yet to happen for her, she said she believes that she will have lots of smaller dreams to get through to get to that. These dreams are just like steps to get her to the top of a flight of stairs where her being a musical actor is a the top.

The interview begins with talking about how she debuted last summer and was noted for having a clear voice and cute dance skills, she also seems to be noted for having physical similarities with IU. She then went to talk about her childhood and how through high school she worked hard to get good grades while attending film festivals to gain some experience. By the end of the interview she told the interviewer “I want my fans to communicate with me like I am their friend, rather than as an entertainer”.


2 responses to “Shin Goeun for BNT news

  1. shi is so cute I hope to come out with a new album ♥.♥ Will be a successful singer Thank you very much ♥ ^^

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