[Promo] Cosmorion & Xfivestar (+ translators?)

Today, I am going to promote two forums that are owned by a really good friend of mine and a number of my friends also help run that could do with a little bit of help. These forums are for Open World’s two currently active groups The Boss and X-5! Cosmorion and Xfivestar are hosted by Koreaboo which is also the partner of both of the forums.

CosmorionThe Boss – Known as COFI

After suffering a severe knockback recently due to hosting issues, Astromafia has come back under the new name Cosmorion! The name combines the words Cosmo and Orion into one and you can read a full description about the name here. They are always looking for new members and staff to join so if you are a fan of The Boss and would like to meet other fans and keep up to date with their happenings then you should go ahead and sign up!

XfivestarX-5 – Known as XFS

Xfivestar was completely lost a few months ago and had to be started again from scratch. So at the moment, the site lacks a lot of members and like Cosmorion, the forum is a great way to meet new fans of the group. While The Boss are active in Japan at the moment, there has be a lack of recent news on X-5’s part. So there isn’t all that much to be done on the forum at the moment but that doesn’t mean discussions and such can’t occur! At the moment we are just posting things slowly so that stuff can be done through time.

Xfivestar is currently looking for Korean translators to help with subbing videos of the boys, so if anyone is willing to help out then please sign up and check the form here and apply! This will most likely be the biggest aid to the forum and its activity at the moment so thank you if you apply!

So, I hope some of the readers here will join the forums and help out in anyway they can and have fun while they do so! The forums are run by lovely, funny and hardworking people so don’t be afraid to speak to them!


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