[Tutorial] How to Sign Up To Cyworld (Korean)

I originally posted this at Xfivestar and I am sharing it with readers of the blog as I had intended on doing this before anyway. Please ask if you get stuck and I will try my best to help you.

For my own privacy I’ve hidden details such as my date of birth.
1. Go to Nate.

2. Select the bolded word in the red box on the homepage

Posted Image

3. Select the option 2nd from the right

Posted Image

4. Input your name into the box on the following page.
Do so in English and in block capitals.

Posted Image

5. A pop up box will come up.

Use the drop down menus to choose your date of birth.

Order: Year, Month, Day

Chose your gender: left (남성)=Male and right (여성)=Female

Confirm by selecting the button with the bolded writing on the left.

Sometimes after doing this, it may come up with a pop up that will say you are not able to use this name, so try your full name if this is the case.

Posted Image

6. You will be given a screen of two scrollboxes of terms and conditions, simply check the small checkboxes under each and then press the large red button at the bottom of the page.

7. Select the word highlighted by the red box

Posted Image

8. Use the drop down menu to select your country code for your mobile phone.

If need be, use chrome and ask it to translate the page for you and then select the drop down menu again and scroll until you find the name of your country.


Input your phone number minus area code

2-4 numbers in the first box, 4 in both the second and third boxes.

Select highlighted box

You will shortly receive a text message from Cyworld with a 6 digit code

Input the code in the underlined box.

Select large red button.

Posted Image
9. Input the following details

– Desired ID (English and numbers only, 6-20 characters long)

– Password (6 characters long at least)

– Country (this should automatically be selected based on your phone number)

– Date of Birth (Should be input already)

– Email address – Use drop down menu to select ending, if not available in the list, keep the initial option in Korean in the drop down and input the ending of your email address manually in the box following the @. (See the image that follows the image below for rest of this before proceeding)

– Select if you want Emails (top) or Texts (bottom) from cyworld, initially set to not receive.

Posted Image

10. To confirm your email address, select the box next to the drop down menu and a pop up will appear. Be sure to check your email account for an email that will contain a code.

Copy this code and paste it into the box in the pop up.

Select left bolded button.

Posted Image

11. Select the large red button on the page shown in the image for step 9.

12. Keep 미니홈피 (far left) selected.

Press the large red button.

Posted Image

13. You’re done!

You will be taken to the nate homepage and you simply need to just log in!

Cyworld is indeed very daunting to use at first but once you get used to it you can’t be without it! I am willing to do a number of other tutorials on other aspects of cyworld if people wish. Please ask if you get stuck, find anything wrong or need help navigating and using the site


3 responses to “[Tutorial] How to Sign Up To Cyworld (Korean)

    • Yeah! You used to need to have an ID before you could sign up but nowadays it just seems to limit certain things that you can and can’t do but it doesn’t hinder the whole thing very much :D

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