[Gallery] A-ble’s Jiyeoul in 2011 photoshoot

I had actually come across this photoshoot when I first discovered that A-ble was gaining new members, however, as I had only one photograph of him, it was difficult to tell if it was the same person. However, I’ve figured today that it definitely is so I will share it with you guys!

Photo source: http://zzixa.net  (Kim Jaejung)
Do not edit, resize, remove the watermark, edit the flash
Do not take credit for these images or use them in a commercial manner
사진출처 : http://zzixa.net (찍사 김재중)
어떠한 형태로든 추가보정/수정/편집/리사이즈/플래쉬편집은 불허합니다. 상업적 용도 또는 저작권과 관련한 사항의 사용시에는 사전 협의후 사용하실 수 있습니다.

As far as I have been able to understand, each photo/set of photos is intended to showcase a different character. There was also mention that Jiyeoul is going to be debuting soon (I think it said next month? I’m not sure), so we can expect A-ble’s comeback around the corner. If you enjoy these photos I would recommend that you check the rest of the photographer’s work out as it is quite dark and interesting to look at. Jiyeoul’s photoshoot in itself is quite interesting and is probably quite far from what we will see of him in A-ble.


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