The hip hop past of A-ble’s new members

If you know me personally, you know I have numerous bouts of trying to find out as much information about something as I can. So, the other night at about 2am I was having one of these bouts on my phone. This particular incident of searching provided to be very insightful in terms of our new additions to the group.

Upon looking to see if they had created twitter accounts (Juho and Chulwoong have kinda unused twitters), I found they each had old abandoned twitter accounts from people of the same group with the same names as them. I thought it was just a coincidence and the 3G on my phone was leading to their twitter icons being highly pixelated so it was difficult to tell if it was but they did bear a resemblance from what I could make out.

Of course, the first thing I did was head to Nate to see what I could find out about this group “T.Flo” that had two members that shared the same full names as the new A-ble members.

I hit luck straight away with an image of Sungmin from a thread on the group’s club on cyworld and it was in fact the exact same person.

Looking through direct links to threads I found one for Jiyeoul that used one of the photos I posted here as his photograph.

So that was basically confirmed for me that the two boys were in fact part of this group. T.flo is a Hip Hop group under Sunmul (Gift/Present) Entertainent. At the beginning of last year, they posted for auditionees after their then maknae T.E.N departed from the group. They were looking for a vocalist and a rapper and it was announced not too long after this that Sungmin was the new vocalist and Jiyeoul was also announced as a new member so it seems he was an addition as a rapper. You can view said post here.

This is one of the group’s tracks and as far as I am aware, Jiyeoul and Sungmin are not on it. However, I would like to assume that Jiyeoul, as a rapper, would have a similar style to those that are featured in the song. The song is about the South Korean naval ship attack that happened in 2010. It’s a pretty raw and hard hitting track so listen to it if you like!

So, finding all this out yet again brings up the question of “What sound are A-ble going to have now?”, but I guess we don’t have much longer before we do find out now.


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