Open World Entertainment actors sign to new manangements

Following the recent scandal that surrounded Open World Entertainment’s CEO who was arrested on the 10th of April and was sentenced on the 10th of August, there has been quite a change to the company’s roster. JunJin of Shinhwa’s contract expired on the 24th of June, as did his father Charlie Park’s a short while after.

Actor Go Joowon (Real name: Go Youngchul), who enlisted in the military on November 18th 2010 has now been announced to have signed an exclusive contract with TNC Entertainment. He is due to complete his military service on the 12th of November.

Shin Jisu, an actress under the company who spoke out on twitter regarding the situation was removed from the roster a few months ago. Seemingly, she left on her own accord and is now seen to be signed under Shinjjang Company. Although there seem to be no official announcements made about such, the title of the company suggests that this is a company established by Shin Jisu herself. However, at this point in time this cannot be confirmed.

Now all that remains to be heard is an official statement from Open World Entertainment regarding the status of the company and the remaining artists The Boss, X-5, Lug and Kang Hyunjoo (albeit she is an inactive singer who’s only release was in 2008).

If you would like to read more on the whole situation that has been going on for the past few months I would highly recommend heading to Koreaboo and typing in “Open World” in the search at the top for well researched and written articles. I would also suggest using Koreaboo as your go-to for any more updates about the company to come.

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5 responses to “Open World Entertainment actors sign to new manangements

  1. Great post! I am a huge Go Joo Won fan. I’m actually (roryg2008) from PopSeoul. (BTSCelebs is my entertainment focused blog).
    Thanks for linking my article.
    Feel free to check out my fan club for him too @joowonmembers

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