Able releases full MV for Mystery!

I was a little delayed in realising that the full music video was already uploaded as the members had only posted about the teaser! Sungmin and Jiyeoul appear to be good additions as Jiyeoul is both a rapper and vocalist and Sungmin has a really pleasant smooth voice. It’s also interesting to see that leader Juho is capable of rapping too. Chulwoong and Juho share a lot of the song as they had done previously so this helps the song retain a mildly similar sound to their previous releases.

Mystery is a very catchy dance track that shows off every member’s vocal capabilities and there also seems to be a lot of room for Juho, the group’s main vocalist, to input lots of powerful ad libs which he had often done before.

Check out the MV below and what do you think of Able’s new sound?


2 responses to “Able releases full MV for Mystery!

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