[MV] Shin Min Chul – “Forever With You”


T-Max leader Shin Min Chul’s solo music video/live  for his self written song “Forever With You”

Forever with you LV (Live video)
Song. Shin minchul / Piano. Park Jonghyun (Park Ssae)
Live recording & One take Only.

♪ Download on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/sg/album/eum-ag-wonjeongdae-vol.1-ep/id565020433

Location Information
Banpo Bridge, Han River Park

신민철 음악원정대 vol.1 (2012.Sep.25 Release)

02. 그대와영원히 (Forever with you)
Lyrics by 유해준
Composed by 유해준
Arranged by 유해준
Guitar 홍준호
Bass 신현권
Drum 신석철
Keyboards 박종현
String 융스트링(Arranged by 김의석)
Chorus 김현아

Executive Producer 채제우, 이상민
Music Producer 유해준
Promotion & Management 이준오, 임승현, 이현우
Stylist 김령화, 박유정, 이혜은, 황수빈
Recorded by 정모연 (Vibe Studio)
Mixed by 곽정신 (Vibe Studio)
Mastering Engineer by 도정희 (SOUND MAX)
Photo 유운상 (coolASPECT)
Retouch 성훈_LEo
Artwork & Design 최혜영, 최진욱 (9g Design)



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