Review: Dia’s “La Ta Ta”


I’m finally getting round to writing about this song that was released not too long ago. I intended writing a news post about it but I was busy at the time and it’s a bit too late for that now. Anyway! La Ta Ta is Dia’s latest single and was released on the 19th of September.

After posting a worrying message regarding music and asking us if we would continue to listen to her sing, it was a relief to see her release something new, albeit a one track single.

“La Ta Ta” is a cute, upbeat, guitar based track. It sounds like it would suit a drama soundtrack aimed towards teenagers. The feel of the song suits Dia’s powerful and high ranged voice and it’s a very feel good song. The lyrics are standard of pop songs and there is a catchy hook of “doo do dodo doo”.

Dia is still young and it’s nice to see that she has released a song in this style as most of her songs have been mature ballads, but having the odd upbeat and cute song is not a bad thing. It goes well with her voice very well and it sounds like she is having fun while she is singing it. I would have liked to have seen a music video accompany this song, but I guess I shouldn’t expect too much.

Overall, I enjoy this song and I tend to listen to it in the mornings and I would recommend it to those that enjoy cute Korean songs that don’t have whiney voices throughout.

I hope Dia will release a fuller album or mini album sometime in the near future as for the past two years we have really only been getting one track singles from her (I don’t count Wedding and Farewell as proper releases).

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