Soomin & Rex.D Project Release “Hello” MV and “Wrong” Album

Director : Jung-hoon,Ha

Produced by Mr. Black of 로맨틱 시티

Composed by Mr. Black,곱슬머리

Lyrics by Mr.Black,Rex.D

Vocal Arranged by 오수민,Rex.D,황인재

Additional Chorus by 진대호

Piano by 황인재

Recorded by Mr.Black at SC Studio

Mixed by 김대현 at Headbang Studio

Soomin and Rex.D Project’s album “Wrong” has been released! 
Preview the tracks.


1.칵테일 사랑 (Cocktail Love)

2.모닝 키스 (Morning Kiss)

3.어색한 인사 (Hello)

4.혹시라는 단어는 가끔 잔인해 (Some Words)

Follow Rex.D @gosthoho


Romantic Factory @Romantic_FA

Source: Romanticfactory 


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