1. Please credit the blog when taking any information out
  2. You do not need any permission to take information out, but if you are to take the information out please comment and leave a link where you will be posting the information.
  3. If you wish to translate the posts into another language you may, but please let us know and like above, link us. You can of course take credit for your translation.
  1. Conduct a general level of politeness when commenting and be considerate towards others in the comments that you leave.
  2. Don’t flame artists, other commenters or the writers.
  3. Do not start fanwars or talk badly of a fandom.
  4. If you think any information is wrong, please link us to somewhere with the correct information and please do so in a polite manner.
  5. Any unnecessary and bashing comments will be removed.
  6. Please ask questions in English.
  7. We appreciate and welcome all comments and hope that we can improve with your feedback and we hope you can meet other fans through this blog.

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