From Jasmine: Where is Unsungbyul going?

Warning: huge ramble.

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, let alone a decent post on this blog. Unsungbyul has been fairly dead for a while with only the occasional post from one of the three authors. I have been currently without a consistent manner to access the internet (I do have an iPhone but blogging from that is a pain) so I have not been able to write any posts as I feel it is a lot more convenient to write it on a proper keyboard.

For a good few months my interest in Korean music has started to decrease drastically. It used to be a daily process for me to check for new releases and check news sites. Now I have no intention nor the motivation to do so most days and this started happening long before my laptop broke over a month ago. I go on either the house desktop or my mum’s laptop once a week and while I do check for new releases, I only check out a small handful of what is actually released. This stands for both pop and ballads. Generally, ballads are more often released than pop songs (when you know where to look), but nowadays there is an increase in what is being released in  that area as well. I genuinely can’t keep up as there seems to be so many that I could check out but I don’t have the time or the patience to do so.

While I try to keep the blog’s content kept to mainly ballad singers, I end up writing about “unpopular” pop groups as I know that a lot of people are more interested in finding out about these groups rather than ballad singers etc. So, at the moment I am stuck with what I want to do with this blog. I enjoy being able to help people find out information about artists, but I don’t have the motivation to even find out what artists are new and are releasing music and therefore share it with the audience of this blog.

I guess this started more drastically when the situation surrounding the Open World Entertainment scandal started up and I kind of started to lose care for artists that weren’t ballad singers or the artists under Open World. Even now, it’s decreased a lot more and I don’t really like it as I have been into Korean music for a long time and I feel…weird at the thought of giving it up. Which is something I don’t actually intend on doing. However: releases are boring, there is far too much for me to keep up with, I don’t have an easy way to post even if there is etc etc. So it’s leaving me mostly sticking to older releases rather than new ones.

So I guess I’m wanting to know how to I get my interest sparked up again, how do I find the motivation to post and do people still want me to post?

I’m moving to Korea in about 16 months for the purpose of studying, I won’t be buying a laptop until nearer that time so that I don’t end up breaking that one before I get there. So it would have to be something weekly if at all because I’m not sure whether to keep trying with this blog or to give it up completely and make a new one or just not blog at all. It’s difficult I guess and I guess some reader feed back might be a bit helpful. So if you’re a regular reader of this blog, do you have any ideas what you think may help?

If not, I will more than likely end up closing this blog to save it from lingering like a wee shadow that’s not supposed to be there.


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