[!] Unsungbyul is looking for writers!

Recently, this blog has become fairly dead and there is nowhere near as many updates as I would like there to be. That is something I want to change and for that to happen, I feel unsungbyul needs more writers. Interested or know someone that might be? Read on!

You will be free to write about whichever artists you want. The main purpose of the blog is to help lesser known artists get a bit more attention, but that doesn’t mean you have to write about them all the time.

You can write as often as you like. The more active you are on here the better, but the more writers we have, the easier it is for the blog to be active. You want to write 5 posts in a day? Go for it. Want to only write every few days? That’s fine too. Just be as active as you feel you can be.

A few rules:

  • Must be fluent in English.
  • Must have a wordpress account.
  • Must have an external manner in which we can be in contact (i.e. twitter)
  • Articles must not be rude or full of curses, writing can be done both formally and informally, depending on context.

Leave a comment with the below information and I will get back to you.

Country/Time Zone:
Languages you speak/want to write about:
Preferred genres you would like to write about:
Link to twitter/msn etc so I can contact you:
Email address of wordpress account:

If you have examples of your writing capabilities whether you write about music at the moment or not would be an advantage but not necessary.


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