[MV] Rude Paper – “Rainy Night”

Korean Reggae duo Rude Paper has been busy and has released another music video off their “Spectrum” album for “Rainy Night”.

1 Radio 2012
2 Rain drop (Interlude)
3 비오는 밤에
4 Don’t blame me
5 Who’s got the power
6 Mama, I’m home
7 Hand
8 Freaky high (feat. 미료)
9 믿지 않아 (feat. Sean2slow)
10 She is smiling (feat. 무웅 of 배치기)
11 와다민 (feat. 나오미)
12 Answer (feat. Dok2)
13 You are not a loser (2nd edit)
14 꿈인걸 알아 (feat. Paloalto)
15 Dream (feat. Kala MC)
16 Realise
Release date was September 11th 2012

6 responses to “[MV] Rude Paper – “Rainy Night”

  1. I don’t write often my opinion, but tonight, I want to thank you. Because I discover a beautiful song and my first raggae korean group !
    This song is so pleasant. And their song ” You’re not loser” is amazing !
    I like it ! Do you know where we can buy this album ? (for the europeans !)
    Thank you very much ! I like your blog, I learn a lot with you !
    In French : MERCI !
    (sorry for my english)

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